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New, second hand, out of print and discounted books including rare editions. Worldwide book search.

Abe Books

Access to 110,000,000 books from thousands of sellers! New books, text books, out of print, rare books, secondhand books. Free delivery on some.


Amazon is best known for books, although it does now sell a wealth of other things directly and on behalf of other retailers. Amazon sales are post free on most orders.


Good range of books and music, mostly at list prices but some discounts. Free standard UK delivery on orders over £20 otherwise from £2.

Book People

Limited range but really low cost books and frequent very special offers. Free delivery on orders over £25

DK Books

Award-winning 'EyeWitness' travel books. Also a wide range of general and children's books. Free delivery on orders over £15.

Ebook Shoppe, ebooks aat up to 35% discount

Over 70,000 official electronic versions of books for e-readers, smartphones and computers with significant discounts. You can even publish your own ebook

Lonely Planet

One of the best known publishers of travel books, but it is usually cheaper to get their guides through Pickabook. Free delivery on orders over £25.


Massive selection of books - 5 million in stock, most of them at huge discounts - prices are typically 27% below retail, often cheaper. Free delivery over £15.


Massive range. Free delivery to shops and on all home deliveries over £15.


Frequent offers on popular books. Have your order delivered to a store for free or sent to your home, free over £25, otherwise £3

The Works

Large discounts on a relatively small range of books and frequent extra discounts when you buy online. Also craft materials and selected DVDs

Book Search

Find just about any book, including secondhand books, text books and collectors' books. Enter the title, or author, or just a subject, and you will get a list of books that match your search term. You can get books from all over the world or limit the list to your choice of country.

enter title, author, subject
or any other search term


You would be very hard pressed indeed to name a book that cannot be found through this page. If you want a current title, check out the shops briefly detailed in the boxes on the right, and described more fully below. If you want a secondhand book, or a book that is out of print or otherwise hard to find, try the Book Search. That search links to booksellers worldwide. You will be surprised what you can find!

The Book People have agents who go to workplaces to sell a selection of books. On their web site you have a wider choice. They always have a huge selection of children's books and bargain sets.

The Book People sell a narrow selection of books but at massively reduced prices - typically 75% below retail. Standard delivery is £3.50 to the UK mainland but free if you spend more than £25. Similar bargains on a selected range of children's books come from Red House books, which is now a part of Book People. They offer information pages on their web site that keep you up to date with what is happening on the children's book scene.

Pickabook offer a more traditional selection of the sort of books you will find in High Street bookshops, but at a discount that is typically between 16% and 33% off the publisher's price. These are not out-of-print books. They are current, latest editions at heavily discounted prices. From a stock of over five million books, the one you want is probably there. Delivery is free on orders over £15. For smaller orders, charges start at £2.50 for one book, £2.95 for two, £3.35 for 3 or more up to 20kgs.

Waterstones, the famous High Street book shop has a massive range of all kinds of books and they deliver free to the UK if your order is over £15. Many of their books are not as cheap as Pickabook. However, they frequently have huge offers on current best sellers, some a low as 50% off the publisher's price. Waterstones have special offers of the week, which change every Thursday morning.

Blackwell are particularly strong on professional books, such as medical, legal and scientific textbooks. They also have a wide range of printed music. In addition to these specialties, they do stock the traditional range of books of all natures, but their prices are not usually as competitive as pickabook. The delivery cost within the UK is £2 for the first item, plus 50p per additional item, but any order over £20 is delivered free.

Amazon are possibly the best known of the internet booksellers. They have some exceptional offers on some books, including bestsellers. Their range is also huge so you will probably find what you want here, although some books are cheaper at Pickabook, so it is worth trying them all for the best deal. Amazon do not charge for delivery if your total order, for books and anything else they sell, is worth £5 or more.

Abebooks is different! It is not a bookshop as such, but a directory of books for sale by booksellers in the UK and abroad. You can search for new, out-of-print, secondhand and any other kind of book - even first editions. You choose your book on the Abebooks site and pay them. They then arrange for the bookshop that has the book to send it direct to you. Some of the books are delivered free. Others have delivery charges set by the book seller. You can click the logo in the box in the column on the right to go to the Abebooks site, or enter your search term in the box on the left.

If you want travel books, maps etc you have plenty of choice. You can buy from the web sites of the publishers themselves, such as Dorling Kindersley and Lonely Planet, or you can go to Pickabook or one of the other general booksellers who also have a huge selection of travel books, normally around a third lower than the price on the cover.

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