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Greetings Cards

Greetings cards, including cards for Christmas
Valentines, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby and other festivities
all of which can be personalised.



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Personalised Gifts


Post free

This logo means there is usually no extra to pay for delivery. Other shops may have free delivery over a set threshold or short term delivery offers

Card Town: Personalised greetings cards

Wide variety of cards for all occasions with variable text and photos. Face Swap technology makes it easy to put your face picture on their card.

Delivery costs

Some companies have high post charges, which makes the total cost very high for small quantities. Some companies offer free delivery if you buy two cards or more.

Getting Personal

Over 1,000 card designs, typically 2.95, all of which can be personalised. Same day despatch if ordered before 1pm.

How does it work?

The usual way to personalise cards is to use one of thousands of ready-made designs and adding your own text, on the front as well as inside a card.
With some companies, including Hallmark and M&S and all the photoprinting companies, you can also use your own photo. The photo can be either on its own or inserted into locations on a standard design. text


Hallmark now makes personalised cards, invitations and announcements for all occasions. From 2 individually, less in larger quantities.

Marks & Spencer

Personalised cards from this trusted retailer from £1.99 or £2.48 including post. A few allow you to include your own photo.

How many designs?

The specialist companies offer literally thousands of designs for all occasions: mainstream, such as Christmas, birthday or anniversary, or less widely known such as Diwali and Eid.
The photo printing companies have fewer designs, but still usually in the hundreds. This is in addition to cards you can create yourself using your own photos.

photobox cards

Cards for all occasions, predesigned or your own design. In both cases photos and text can be added. A NSPCC donation for each card sold.

Planet Cards

Post free
Prices quite good for smaller quantities but especially good for large quantities. Better for invitations, announcements etc than greetings cards.

How quick?

Specialist companies will get the card in the post that very day if you order by early afternoon.
The photo printing companies tend to take a bit longer.

Scribbler personalised greeetings cards

Like the others, a wide range of customisable cards for all occasions. Unlike the others there are some unique, rude and risqué designs.

What do they Cost?

Of course it varies between companies and also on the size you want, but greetings cards start around 1.50 individually but more typically £1.99. If you need more than one, multiples of the same card can work out a great deal less.
Other kinds of card, such as postcards, invitations and note cards, are usually a lot cheaper than greetings cards.


Personalise with one or more photos, on their own or within a standard design. Greetings cards from 75p individually or other types of card from 22p


Character cards including Disney and Forever Friends with one or more of your photos added. Powered by, and the same prices and ranges as Snapfish.

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