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Are Product prices up to date?

Not always. Product price comparison sites do not visit all the shop sites at the moment you make your enquiry. They download a product price and description list from each supplier periodically and hold that list on their own system.

It will be up to date when they download it, but any changes in the price that happens before they download the list again will not be reflected in the information shown.


Well known product price comparison site. Easy to use but seems to search only a limited number of suppliers and often fails to find the best price.

Do price comparison sites check every internet shop?

No. The price comparison sites download a list of the products and prices from the supplier. They can only do this if the supplier has a list in the right form to be downloaded. These lists are called 'data feeds' or 'product feeds'. Most of the bigger companies have a product feed that can be used by the price comparison sites, but a lot of the smaller and specialist companies do not.

Am I comparing like with like

The lists you get from price comparison sites are based on descriptions given by the shops. Shops do not always describe the same products in the same way. Also, some suppliers may use the same words to describe different products.

Even if you have a product number, such as a model number for an electrical item, some suppliers may price it with accessories and others without. For example, a TV listed by model number may include a mounting bracket or stand in one case and not in another. You need to check the descriptions as well as the prices very carefully.


Energywatch say about £1bn could be saved every year if all fuel users were on the most cost-effective tariff.

The chances are that if you have not switched at all since the fuel market was freed up, then some of that saving is yours.

Even if you have switched, it is worth checking periodically that you are still with the best supplier and on the best tariff for your kind of fuel use.

How do I compare fuel costs?

Whether you go to an energy company direct, or to one of the fuel price comparison sites, you need to enter your post code, the name of your current supplier and preferably the amount of fuel you use, either in £'s or in units.

It only takes a few minutes to get them to check whether a different supplier might save you money.

energy helpline

Compare gas and electricity prices for home and business users. Also lets you compare home phone costs.

Probably the best known of the utility comparison sites. Compare domestic and business energy and also various phone and broadband services amongst other things

Is there hassle? Is it worth it?

Whether you go with the price comparison company estimate or go direct to a new fuel supply company, you can switch supplier there and then. You do not have to tell your present supplier or do anything else - your new supplier will do it all for you.

The whole process only takes a few minutes and the potential savings are enormous.

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