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Single trip and annual travel insurance policies, including polices for people with pre-existng medical conditions.

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Travel Insurance 


Travel insurance covers a range of risks. You may wish to take the risk that your luggage might be lost, stolen or irreparably damaged. If the risk does not pay off the most you forfeit is the value of your case and its contents.

We are not financial advisers

We cannot give you advice on insurance policies, or which one to buy. We can only advise you to check lots of policies and prices and to use your own judgment. If you do need advice, please speak to a qualified Independent Financial Adviser.


If you miss the flight out and there is no alternative, the most you lose is the holiday and whatever you paid for it. You may wish to take that risk.

However, a really big risk is that something unforeseen will happen to you or to a member of your group whilst you are away. No matter how much care you take, accidents happen and health issues cannot always be predicted.

The cost if something does go wrong can be huge. As an example, First Assist tell us that a transfer back from Luxor in an air ambulance with a doctor, to somewhere within the M25 area of the UK, would cost about £25,000 - more if you need to go further than the inner M25 or if you were further away from the airport at the other end.

Single trip
or annual policy?

If you go abroad once a year, a single trip policy will probably be best value. If you have two holidays a year the cost comparison will probably be close. Three trips a year or more and it will usually be cheaper to get an annual policy.

If you do at least two or three three trips a year (to anywhere) we suggest you check out a few single trip and annual policy premiums and at least give an annual policy some thought.

Even a medically escorted seat on a standard flight would cost £2,500, or £4,000 if you need a stretcher. The costs would be even higher if two medical escorts are needed and do not include fees to the people handling the arrangements. The insurance premium may not seem too much to pay to avoid that potential cost, even if you are prepared to take the other risks.

medical conditions

If you have a medical condition, are having medical investigations, or are awaiting the results of medical tests, there are insurance implications. If you do not declare the condition, you may still be covered for unconnected medical and non-medical emergencies. However, if an issue arises that is related to a condition that you knew about, but have not declared, you will not be insured for that incident and you will not be reimbursed or given any help by your insurance company.

Most insurance companies will cover people who have some medical conditions or are undergoing tests, but there will usually be an extra premium. These additional premiums can be very modest for some conditions (such as raised blood pressure that is under control with simple medication).

With some companies, such as Insurewithease or Flexicover, you can usually arrange the insurance, including the medical cover, online. With some other insurance companies more involved conditions may need a phone call.

If the medical condition has been resolved and you have not had any effects from it, or treatment for it, for a year or more, most insurance companies will not consider this to be a condition that needs to be declared. Nevertheless, do check the definitions in the policy of the insurance you choose to see how that company handles resolved medical conditions.

We cannot give insurance advice or direct you to any specific policy. We would, however, say that travelling without travel insurance is a massive worry and a huge risk that is surely not worth taking.

Clicking any of the logos in the column on the right will take you to the insurer's web site where you can get a quote. It will only take a few minutes. Get as many quotes as you can to make sure you have the extent of cover you need at a competitive price.

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