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Van insurance. For other kinds of motor insurance go to the car insurance page. For other insurances see the list on the left.

These companies fetch prices from a panel of ten or more van insurers and list the best results. They don't all check the same policies or give you the same prices, so it is worth checking them all. Click a logo to go to the web site.

Compare the Market

These companies offer policies from their own or an associated company. They may offer introductory freebies and more extensive cover than the cheapest insurers found by the comparison sites, so they are worth checking, especially if you want specific features.

More Than
Other Insurances

Van Insurance 


Some car insurance companies have a commercial vehicle option, but the insurance companies and intermediaries on this page offer special policies for vans and other commercial vehicles.

Compare the Market are intermediaries, brokers or comparison sites. They take your details once and fetch different policies and prices from a range of insurance companies. They then list the options offered by all of the insurers they have checked so you can choose the best one for you.

We are not financial advisers

We cannot give you advice on insurance policies, or which one to buy. We can only advise you to check lots of prices and use your own judgment. If you do need advice, please speak to a qualified Independent Financial Adviser.


The other companies on this page only offer their own policies. It is worth checking the comparison sites first and then seeing if you can do better by getting a quote direct from the other companies on this page.

It is a nuisance having to fill the same details in loads of forms, but it can help you to make big savings off your insurance. The insurance companies often claim that you can save well over £100 by shopping around. Even if you only save £20, where else can you earn £20 for 5 minutes work?

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